Photography workshops and adventures

I run photography workshops and holidays in the UK, and photography expeditions and adventures around the world.

UK Photography Workshops

A typical UK one-day workshop would start with a couple of hours of technical skills before heading out to put new skills to practice! These workshops can be tailored for any age and technical ability. Longer weekend workshops are available and workshops can take place in a location of your choice, alternatively I can suggest somewhere to maximise the photography opportunities for that time of year. A great present for any budding photographers or a great day out with family, friends or work colleagues.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements.


Photography expeditions and adventures

Whether you would like an experienced guide to plan and accompany your photography expedition, or just some advise on how to create your own itinerary, I am able to help. I have extensive expedition experience and the qualifications needed for navigating extreme environments, or environments that just make photography a little bit tricky!

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and find out more about how I can help with your adventure of a lifetime, and ensure that you are able to document it with great photographs!

Examples of photography trips include:

Patagonia, potentially taking in the high Andes as well as the more Southern climes of Tierra Del Fuego and Isla Navarino.

Iceland, probably the most incredible places a photographer can visit. In geological terms the country is a few minutes old and the rock formations, hot springs, and volcanic eruptions you can see as a result are truly breath taking. I would count Iceland as one of my favourite locations as a photographer.

India, experience the light and colour of India that I think makes it unique amongst all the places I have visited in the world.

Amazon, explore the remotest regions of the Amazon on Paddle Board while sleeping and eating on a luxurious and spacious river boat.

Pakistan, trek in to the Himalayas and discover some of the most stunning mountainous landscape the world has to offer.

These are just a small selection of photography workshops I am able to organise. Get in touch to plan a trip that has just the right amount of learning and adventure combined.