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I hire out my original framed prints to businesses and individuals who want to find high-quality art rental in London, at a fraction of the cost of buying. Included in the service is an option to swap the work every few months or so, keeping the art on your walls fresh, and a point of interest.

How it works

I can advise as much or as little as you like on the prints and sizes that will work best in your space, and also the schedule for your prints to be refreshed. This is very much a bespoke service.

Close to the date for renewing the prints, I can either send you a selection of images for you to swap in, or select them myself and send them over for you to approve. Some clients, particularly in offices, even like to give their staff some input into this process.


The Cost

The table below gives an idea of the frame sizes available and the costs.

Approximate External Frame Size (cm)Frame Size in inchesCost per WeekCost per month


The Frames

The prints are framed in timeless and stylish black frames with a white mount. You can see examples of the framing in the images above and below.

The benefits

Enriching a workspace with art rental has been proven to increase the productivity and happiness of those working in it. This is further increased if those in that workspace have some agency over the art that is selected. For further information on the benefits of art rental, read an article in the Guardian via the link below.


Get in touch

Contact Paddy to arrange a meeting to discuss your art rental requirements. Paddy is happy to come and view the space in question and talk through any questions you might have free of charge.

Paddy Scott