I run a Photography Art Rental service hiring out my original framed prints to offices, workspaces, property developments, clinics, events, interior designers, restaurants and bars. The photographs can be replaced with new work on a time scale that suits you so that you can have regularly changing artwork on your walls.

The cost of Photography Art Rental ranges from £12 to £16 per week, depending on the size of the framed work, and inclusive of printing and framing.

The process is seamless and the service is flexible to suit your needs. I can either assess what style and images would best suit your space or take care of the whole process, or I can work along side you on what you are looking for. The photographs can be hung and rotated out at a time that that is convenient for the space. Photographs can be changed on a monthly basis within the rental cost, or less frequently if preferred.



I would be happy to meet you to discuss your requirements, to see what Photography Art Rental arrangement would work best for you, and show you a portfolio of my work and a sample of a framed picture. I am also happy to discuss sole usage or photography commissions if you would like your own portfolio of fine art photographs. I can also offer large-scale printing for images that will fit a whole wall, printing onto different materials such as wood or metal, and editing pictures to suit your colour scheme.

Please get in touch to discuss how the Photography Art Rental scheme could work for your workspace.

Follow this link to read an article from the Guardian that explains why having interesting artwork in an office space can increase productivity of the work force and also have a positive effect on the engagement of visitors and client