Royal Geographic Society

I run a Photography Art Rental service hiring out my original framed prints to offices, workspaces, property developments, clinics, events, interior designers, restaurants and bars. The photographs can be replaced with new work on a time scale that suits you so that you can have regularly changing artwork on your walls.

How it works

Working together we decide the size and number of prints that the space requires. Once this has been worked out we can decide a schedule for the prints to be refreshed, the standard is every three months, but can be more or less often depending on your needs.

When the date for renewing the prints gets close, I can send you a selection of images for you to select which you want on the walls. The size of the selection I send will depend on the amount of input you or your staff want to have. A larger selection means you and your staff can select the images you prefer a small selection means less decision making on your part.

The Cost

The cost start from as little as £8 per week depending on the size. The cost includes all consultation, instillation and rotation. Follow the link below for a more detailed break down of costs.

The benefits

Enriching a workspace with art has been proven to increase the productivity and happiness of these working in it. This is further increased if those in the workspace have some agency over the art that is selected, which is something we can provide as well. For further information read an article in the Guardian via the link below.


Get in touch

Contact Paddy through the contact page or at [email protected] to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirments. Paddy is happy to come and view the space in question and talk through any questions you might have, in person, free of charge.