Starting a Photography Blog

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In this Post:

During my hours of chemo and convalescing, over the past few years, I started writing the skeleton of a photography blog. Hopefully, some people might find it interesting and even useful. I will try and cover things like a basic introduction to photography, some landscape photography tips, working in polar regions such as the arctic, Antarctic and what it is like working as an expedition cameraman or photographer. And some advice on kit that I have and use.

I am going to try and start running photography workshops both here in the UK and further abroad, hopefully being able to take people to some of the incredible places I have visited! I can’t promise these will happen soon but do send me a message if you would be interested and I can try and gauge if it would work.

Glen Coe Landscape Photography Tips
I am up in Stunning Glen Coe at the moment

I thought I would start with the basics of photography. Whenever I am asked as a speaker to events, there are always questions from beginners, asking how best to start or wanting landscape photography tips, so I thought I would get some of my advice down here!

I am working on a ‘photography cheat sheet’ that you can print off and have handy as you try and master the basics of photography. I will get that up later this month.

Landscape Photography Tips
Excuse the iPhone shot!

Perhaps you know the feeling. You visit somewhere stunning and can’t wait to get back to see your pictures on the computer, or even print them. Put when you see them they just don’t jump out at you and don’t seem to capture the magic of what you saw. Hopefully, I can help.

Over the next few blog posts I will look at everything from equipment to framing to planning your shots, so stay tuned!

Paddy Scott