Please select the frame to fit your print from the dropdown menu below. Add it to your basket when checking out and your print will be delivered framed like the image on the left.
The table at the bottom of this page gives an idea of the size of the frames.

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I normally get prints framed using classic, plain black ‘photography frames’, with a white mount. At the bottom of the image will be my signature, the title of the image, and the limited edition number of that print.
You can also though choose a white frame with a white mount when checking out if you prefer. You can see an example of how this looks below.
Other framing options are available, and if you feel you might want something a bit different I would be happy to talk this through with you and give some advice.

Natures Ballet - Framed fine art print

Glass vs Acrylic glass

I normally get the frames made up using 2mm acrylic glass which shows off the prints beautifully. It is also lightweight and shatter free making it extremely safe to hang in areas open to the public or where children might be on the loose!
If you would like I can get the frames made up with Tru Vue Conservation Glass, this has a UV filter in it to protect the print and greatly reduces reflections. Apart from central London glass with Tru Vue glass would have to be arranged to be collected, usually from London SW11.
If you would like Tru Vue glass in your frame, please contact me using the contact details at the bottom of the page, or else add a note to your order when checking out.

The table below gives an idea of how big each print size will be framed. A gentle reminder to pay attention to the unit of measurement as it swaps between millimetres, centimetres and inches!
If you are looking for a frame to fit a particular space, the measurement that will be most useful to you is the ‘External Frame Size’ which gives the measurement around the very outside of the frame.


Print Size Mount Width Frame Width External Frame Size in cm External Frame Size in inches Cost of Framing
48cm 60mm 22mm 66x50cm 25x20inches £200
78cm 75mm 33mm 102x76cm 40x30inches £250
108cm 100mm 37mm 140x103cm 55x40inches £350

If you want clarification, or want to speak through your order before placing it, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Black Frame for 48cm Print – £200, Black Frame for 78cm Print – £250, Black Frame for 108cm Print – £350, White Frame for 48cm Print – £200, White Frame for 78cm Print – £250, White Frame for 108cm Print – £350

Paddy Scott