Paddy Scott

Photographer, Cameraman and Filmmaker

Paddy is an experienced expedition photographer and cameraman and has worked in some of the world’s most remote and hostile regions. Paddy is also a licensed drone pilot and operator.

Paddy has worked in just about every weather and landscape extreme that this planet offers and no matter how difficult the conditions are Paddy is able to use his skills as both a cameraman and photographer to provide stunning imagery and footage. Paddy’s recent excursions as expedition photographer include Antarctica, Greenland, the Amazon, Patagonia and the Himalayas.


Expedition Photographer and Cameraman

Polarice10 – Greenland
Paddy’s first Polar trip as expedition photographer was to Greenland, documenting an attempt to kite ski the entire distance from one side of Greenland to the other. From this first expedition, Paddy fell in love with working as an expedition photographer- with the technical challenges and triumphs that extreme conditions present, and with the joys and surprises of documenting the endeavours of people and animals surviving in earths most extreme environments.
Willis Resilience Expedition
Paddy was the sole expedition photographer and cameraman documenting 19-year-old Parker Liautaud and Doug Stoup’s record-breaking attempt on a new route to the south pole. As part of this expedition, Paddy was part of the two-man research team that enabled us to deliver the world’s first live video broadcast from Antarctica over the Iridium network. This took several months of research and development in the UK and Iceland as well as requiring some resourceful thinking whilst in Antarctica!
As expedition photographer, Paddy joined an expedition to take a Massey Furguson tractor to the South Pole in honour of the 1958 Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition. Here again, as the only member of the broadcast team on the ground, Paddy was able to facilitate a live broadcast from the South Pole, honing the broadcasting skills he had learnt on his first expedition to Antarctica. Arctic Truckssupported both of these expeditions to Antarctica and Paddy is delighted to have built close working relationships with the companies’ expert teams.

Paddle boarding the Amazon
Sailing up the Rio Negro from the Amazon, Paddy and the team explored some of the more remote areas of the Rio Negro. Exploring the waterways on paddle boards meant the team were able to access points of the river that canoes or kayaks could not reach. Paddy’s photographs of the expedition were published in SUP Journal and Condé Nast Traveller.


Paddy followed renowned British climbers Andy Houseman and Jon Griffiths to the Karakoram range to document their attempt to climb the as yet unclimbed peak Link Sar.

Whether it is, climbing, mountaineering, canoeing or paddleboarding, Paddy is most at home on expedition and most happy when he able to combine his expertise as expedition photographer.

Paddy Scott