Landscape Photography Tips – Settings

The first thing to say is that to better understand how to choose your settings for landscape photography, start shooting! Set your camera to manual and keep experimenting! Go out into the garden and take shots of birds, passing cars, anything and everything. Play around with the settings and try and understand what they do....

Landscape Photography Tips – Equipment

I have called this series ‘Landscape Photography Tips’ however, it will go beyond ‘tips’ and hopefully explain everything in a non-technical, easy to understand way. By the end of it, you will be a Pro at Landscape Photography! Tutorial 2 – Equipment for Landscape Photography The first thing to say about equipment is that it...

Canon Camera Photography

Starting a Photography Blog

During my hours of chemo and convalescing, over the past few years, I started writing the skeleton of a photography blog. Hopefully, some people might find it interesting and even useful. I will try and cover things like a basic introduction to photography, some landscape photography tips, working in polar regions such as the arctic,...

Paddy Scott